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The Pho3nix Sports Awards was officially launched in September 2023, and will operate virtually once per quarter.

The awards serve as a celebration of exceptional individuals within the Pho3nix community who embody the ideals of the Pho3nix Foundation. These awards recognize and honor the remarkable journeys, inspiring performances, and unwavering dedication of participants across various categories.

The core purpose of the awards is to highlight the transformative power of sport, as well as the values and principles that Pho3nix stands for ahead of the first Pho3nix Gala Dinner in November 2024, where we will present our inaugural award recipients.

This document outlines the details of all awards categories, nominations and voting processes, eligibility and rules for the Pho3nix Sports Awards.


  • Pho3nix Kids Award: Recognizing outstanding achievements by children involved in our Education, Triathlon and Junior Excellence programs (aged under 16).
  • Pho3nix Next Gen Award: Celebrating the achievements of the next generation of Pho3nix elite athletes involved in our Athlete Program, Future Camps and Jnr Team  (under age 20).
  • Pho3nix Ethos Award: Commending those who embody the core values and principles of Pho3nix out of competition (any age group/level).
  • Pho3nix Extraordinary Performance Award: Acknowledging exceptional and remarkable accomplishments in competition (any age group/level).


Publicly voted Awards Categories awarded quarterly by the Pho3nix Sports Awards:

Pho3nix Kids Award
Pho3nix Next Gen Award
Pho3nix Ethos Award
Pho3nix Extraordinary Performance Award



  • Achievements must be recorded within a 12-month period prior to the Nominations cycle.
  • Nominations must come from athletes within the Pho3nix ecosystem – Pho3nix Team, Pho3nix Junior Team, Pho3nix Future Camp, Pho3nix Athlete Program, Pho3nix Kids Triathlon and Pho3nix Education Programs.
  • No individual athlete who has ever tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs will be eligible for any nominations or awards. This is regardless of whether they have served, and returned from, a ban.
  • If, in the opinion of the Pho3nix Sports Awards, the athlete or team has brought their sport or themselves into disrepute, Pho3nix Sports Awards may preclude them from nominations or remove them from nominations at any point in time.



Each of the hundreds of thousands of children who attend a Pho3nix event every year have a story that embodies the Pho3nix ideals. The Pho3nix Kids Award recognises a participant from any kids project that inspires by showing all of us what it means to rise.


Recipients of the Pho3nix Kids Award are considered based on:

  • Their personal journey to a Pho3nix Kids event.
  • Their conduct, effort and experience at a Pho3nix Kids event.
  • Their representation of the ideals of the Pho3nix Foundation.

Recipients of the Pho3nix Kids Award must:

  • Have attended a Pho3nix event as a participant during the relevant award period
  • These events include Pho3nix Kids Triathlons, Pho3nix School Workshops, Pho3nix camps and semi-camps, Pho3nix JX Program, Pho3nix Education Programs.
  • Have consented to the use of their image for promotional purposes.
  • Be between 6 and 14 years of age during the relevant award period.



Pho3nix exists to assist and inspire the next generation to learn and grow through sport. The Pho3nix Next Gen Award recognises a member of the Pho3nix family aged 14-20 who inspires their peers through their athletic performance, setting an example for others to follow as they forge their own way along the Pho3nix Pathway.


Recipients of the Pho3nix Next Gen Award are considered based on:

  • The relative quality of their athletic performance across the relevant award period.
  • Their conduct and effort across the period whilst pursuing their sport.
  • Their effort in inspiring their peers.

Recipients of the Pho3nix Next Gen Award must:

  • Be between 14-20 years of age during the relevant award period
  • Have been a participant in Pho3nix Future, or a member of the Pho3nix Junior Team, Pho3nix Athlete Program or Pho3nix Elite Team during the relevant award period



Pho3nix looks to help everyone rise, regardless of level of athletic performance. Members of the Pho3nix family are chosen not just for their sporting prowess, but also due to their character and efforts away from the field of play. The Pho3nix Ethos Award goes to a Pho3nix of any age who truly displays the ideals at the core of the Foundation as they pursue their sporting goals.


Recipients of the Pho3nix Ethos Award are considered based on:

  • Their conduct both within their sport and beyond it.
  • Their effort in using available channels to inspire and motivate.
  • Their synergy with the Pho3nix brand and ideals.

Recipients of the Pho3nix Ethos Award must:

  • Be a participant in, or member of any Pho3nix Project or Team during the relevant award period



The Pho3nix Extraordinary Performance awards a Pho3nix of any age or level who has delivered a sporting performance that has truly inspired. The award recipient may have demonstrated an incredible effort or result, or have undergone a remarkable journey to a certain sporting achievement that captures the attention and imagination of sports fans.


Recipients of the Pho3nix Extraordinary Performance are considered based on:

  • The quality and details of a sporting performance within the relevant award period.

Recipients of the Pho3nix Extraordinary Performance must:

  • Be a participant in, or member of any Pho3nix Project or Team during the relevant award period.


  • The nominations cycle for each Pho3nix Sports Awards will be inclusive of achievements recorded no more than six months prior to the previous awards date.


Nomination Period Q1 Jan – Mar Q2 Apr – Jun Q3 Jul – Sep Q4 Oct – Dec
Nominees Announced Early January Early April Early July Early October
Voting Window 3 weeks 3 weeks 3 weeks 3 weeks
Virtual Ceremony End April End July End Oct End Jan


The Pho3nix Sports Awards Nomination Panel will oversee the process of Pre-Nominations and Nominations for all awards categories.


  • The nominations panel will include members from the Pho3nix Foundation and Mana Sport & Entertainment Group, who will play a central role in the Pho3nix Sports Awards by collaborating to identify and shortlist nominees across each category.
  • The Panel will convene quarterly after the close of the Nominations Cycle.

Nominee Selection

  • For the quarterly nomination period, the Panel will be presented with a shortlist of Pho3nix athletes identified from all Pho3nix Foundation Projects that meet the criteria.
  • In accordance with the established criteria, the Panel will engage in deliberations to collectively identify and agree upon four nominees for each category.

Nominee Notification

  • Nominee in each award category will be notified of their nomination before publishing.
  • Nominees will be able to encourage their network of friends, family and colleagues to vote for them.


  • Following the finalization of the nominees for all awards categories by the Nominations Panel, all awards and nominees are open to public voting.
  • Public Voting will be conducted via the Pho3nix Sports Awards website https://pho3nixsportsawards.com/vote.
  • Members of the public who register a user account for the Pho3nix Sports Awards may only submit one vote per category.
  • At the conclusion of the Public Voting Period the nominees with the highest number of public votes will be awarded in their respective categories.


  • Each category award winner will be notified via email.
  • They will receive a handcrafted Pho3nix Sports Award trophy.
  • The award winners will be acknowledged on the Pho3nix Foundation social media channels and website.



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